Guatemala Organic Finca Ceylan Maragogype

Exotic cup profile from this oversized cultivar, with hints of hickory smoke, sweet tobacco, savory spice. Full City
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Central America
Grade SHB
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 20+ Screen
Roast Recommendations Full City is recommended, although I find the C+ roast to have very , tangy bittersweetness too.
Weight 1 LB
What other farm in Central America has the range of altitude to grow both robusta on the lowest plots to fine arabicas and Maragogype (the large "elephant bean") at the highest elevations. Finca Ceylan ranges from 3500 feet to more than 4500 feet (1350 meters). The farm has been in the Echeverria family since 1870, and has organic certification for years now. Aside from having a forest reserve, they have a diverse harvest in addition to coffee: cardamom, macadamia nuts, platano_‹_ banana. They grew and processed sugar cane to make Panela for years, but the sugar mill was ruined in sever rains some years back. The farm maintains the river basins and the natural vegetation that grows nearby. The coffee residues from the wet mill are used as an organic fertilizer in the coffee plantation, creating a self-sufficient system. The water used in the wet mill process is filtered through oxidation tanks to avoid contamination in river basins. The farm has a natural forest which has been protected to conserve the different species of trees, plants and animals to protect the ecosystem. This is such an unusual cup, and cultivar is a major contributor to the interesting cup character here. Of course, the huge beans have a different roast dynamic too, absorbing heat in the roast chamber slower, perhaps due to a lower physical density of the seed. The cup has a kind of softness to it, but Finca Ceylan grows Maragos at higher altitude than other places, and you can see this in the bright notes in this cup. The fragrance is marked by a smokey kind of sweetness, aromatic wood tones, sweet cedar. These are echoed in the wet aromatics, with the addition of attractive herbal / floral / sage blossom smells. It really opens up. The cup flavors are exotic, with hints of hickory smoke, sweet tobacco, savory spice, and even just the tiniest bit of barbeque sauce! Perhaps you need to contrast this cup with another Guatemalan coffee, perhaps one of the classic Bourbon cultivar coffees we offer, to appreciate how different it truly is. There are spicy hints a bit of vanilla bean, and big, soft body. But those who buy giant "elephant bean" coffee aren't looking for the ordinary!