Guatemala Finca La Florencia Bourbon 2010

A balanced Bourbon-cultivar flavor profile. The cup has a rounded mouthfeel, almond and chocolate roast notes, mild tangerine brightness, malt and caramel, with floral traces as the cup cools. Great as SO espresso. Full City roast is ideal.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Central America
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 16-17 Screen
Roast Recommendations Full City roast is ideal, but in reality this coffee is very forgiving in the roaster, accepting a wide latitude of roast levels.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
La Florencia is classified being in the Fraijanes coffee growing region, but more specifically it is on the fringe of this zone in Santa Elena Barrias. It is perched high above Lake Amatitlan, with stunning views of the volcanos that ring the lake. Much of Fraijanes is becoming suburbs of the capital, and coffee farms are becoming subdivided for housing. Still, the coffee tradition runs deep here, and some farms grow, harvest and mill their coffee as their grandparents (and oftentimes as the grandparent's grandparents) did long ago. La Florencia is a 6th generation farm in the same family. Much of Florencia features Bourbon seedstock, the type that originated on the island of Bourbon (now Reunion), named for the royal family of France at the time. It's an ideal coffee for high altitude cultivation, and results in dense physical structure of the coffee seed. This is great for roasting, as it promotes even heat transfer, and less damage to the bean structure. Bourbon coffees tend to have a "classic" Central American cup profile, balanced, very balanced, dense body, proportional bright notes, and sweetness. La Florencia delivers all those things.
The dry fragrance at City+ roast (coffee has a wrinkled surface texture still, with dark creases) is caramel and chocolate milk, with a sweet maple granola scent at City roast. A little darker and the fragrance reminds me of chocolate wafer cookies. In the wet aromatics, the sweetness is amplified, and some muted fruits and floral elements are present behind layers of chocolate. This cup has such a classic, balanced character, I can see myself enjoying it without much thought except "wow, that's a nice coffee!" It's definitely a crowd-pleaser and does well under a very wide range of roasts. There is a mild citrus brightness, tangerine-like, nested in almond and chocolate roast tones. The body is creamy, dense, thick, especially at FC roast level. As it cools, the brightness is more apparent and the cup seems more dimensional, and a floral essence emerges: honeysuckle flower. The finish has aromatic wood hints, traces of walnut. It's a solid cup, and the Bourbon character is fully expressed in it. As you would anticipate from a balanced Bourbon coffee, it does quite well as SO espresso, displaying dense body, chocolate-caramel roast flavor, and zesty lemon-laced brightness.