Guatemala Antigua Finca La Folie

La Folie placed 5th in the CoE competition this year! An elegant and sweet cup with great Antigua character; balanced aromatics, caramel, melted butter, toasted bread, cocoa powder, apple and blackberry cup flavors, juicy body, mild intensity overall. City+ roast.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18+ Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ is ideal here.
Weight 1 LB
Just outside the town of Antigua is the small village of San Felipe de Jesus. And among the houses on the twisting and narrow side streets is an old coffee farm called La Folie. It is owned by Penny Matheu, having been divided off from the greater Matheu family lands and the neighboring Finca Filadelfia. The farm operates as a small estate of 91 acres, but processes the coffee at the Zelaya family mill, Bella Vista. La Folie did exceptionally well in the 2010 Cup of Excellence competition, reaching 5th place, an amazing result for a first-time entrant. I visited the farm after the event, and despite the fact it was bombarded with rain and mud in a violent storm the day previous. It's a beautiful old-style farm at 5100-5200 feet, planted chiefly in Bourbon, with Caturra and Typica as well. The manager, Don Julio Valencia, lives on the farm, and the plantings are well-organized in blocks and rows, a classic Antigua style farm on flat, fertile grounds.
The dry fragrance has classic Antigua balance, sweet caramel roast scents, melted butter, slight chocolate bittersweets, toasted bread. The wet aroma has a cocoa powder and chocolate biscuit quality, with sweetness fading into the background. As with another Antigua coffee this year, the Carmona Pulcal, that wet aroma is a little deceiving. The cup has less chocolate bittersweet aggressive notes than the aroma suggests. It's quite juicy in body, and very sweet. Apple fruit notes with a smidge of blackberry syrup well describes the sweet flavors, while caramelized sugars is contributed from the roast taste (City + roast level). It's a mild, yet very sweet and attractive coffee. It makes perfect sense how it placed so well in the competition!