Guatemala Acatenango Gesha

A floral cup with sweet candied fruits, rosehip, orange glaze, strawberry preserves, a hint of pine, cherry, vanilla, rose fading to jasmine blossoms, lime juice. A definite improvement over last year's lot, wonderful notes throughout a wide range of roasts. City+ to Full City+.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City to City+ have the strongest floral character, but it also comes through in the more developed Full City to Full City+ range.
Weight 1 LB
Floral scents, tropical fruit, intense sweentess: This cup is Gesha all the way; with the right roast it's like sipping a bouquet of flowers. If you don't know the story of the Gesha cultivar, it is an old coffee type from Ethiopia that was brought to an experimental coffee garden in Costa Rica years ago as a specimen sample. It was distributed to a few farms for testing on small plots, but not much was thought of it until one of these, Esmeralda in Panama, separated it from the other cultivars and entered it in the national competition. It was so outrageously different, with fruited and floral character like a Yirga Cheffe coffee from half a world away. Now that the word is out, other small farms that received some of the seed have tried to separate their Gesha coffee as well, as is the case here. The results are always a bit different: the cultivar "expresses" itself differently in terms of cup flavors at each location, influenced by weather, soil, altitude and the like. With this coffee, from the region of Acatenango, we have a Gesha cup that literally shouts out "GESHA" at every step of the way. It has the elongated seed form, it roasts like Gesha, and has the pronounced cup character.
The dry fragrance is really potent, with rose and jasmine floral qualities, sweet pomelo citrus, and lightly toasted hazelnut. The wet aroma has toasted hazelnut, and more floral qualities emerge at this stage. The cup might, initially, seem mild compared to these strong aromatics. Give it time to cool a bit, as the floral and fruited notes ascend as the temperature descends. Sweet candied fruits, rosehip, orange glaze, strawberry preserves, a hint of pine, cherry, vanilla, rose fading to jasmine blossoms, lime juice; these are some of my notes for the cup flavors. It's a coffee that can take on a load of adjectives that long and still keep them coming. The finish is sweet, but this is kept in check by the brightness of this coffee, especially at lighter roast levels. My favorite roast this year is the City+ level. Unlike the Colombia Gesha we had earlier this season, this lot cups like Gesha under a wide range of roasts though, City to Full City. Quality on this lot is up from our offering last year and the year before, when the Gesha plants experienced damage from a windstorms and unseasonable weather, and the lot is also twice as big. Great cup quality, more coffee; we are very happy with the Gesha this year.