Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

Grinding and Brewing for Maximum Quality

( ... and a note on tasting coffee too)

Coffee Grinding Notes:

I want to be very honest: I don't always make my coffee "by the rules." I make some pretty awful slop, and sometimes I intentionally make an afternoon cup of "cowboy coffee:" throw the grinds in the water and drink up.

But when I do everything right, there is a marked improvement in the "cup quality" of the coffee. Fresh roasted coffee starts it all off on the right foot. But grinding is equally important. Coffee stales after it is roasted, but that staling is accelerated tenfold by grinding. Within 2 hours of grinding, you will notice a loss of quality.

The ideal grinding practice is:

Coffee Brewing Tips:

As far as brewing goes, here are some general observations:

A Tip on Tasting Coffee

I hate to tell someone how to taste their coffee. You taste what you taste, you don't taste what you don't ... nobody should dictate what the experience is. Nonetheless, let me make a suggestion that will make you look ridiculous but helps me greatly expand the ability to taste coffee: CHEW IT! I am serious. Take a swig of coffee once it has cooled a bit, then pretend it is like a solid food in your mouth ... chew it twice and then let it leave your mouth. What this does is circulate the coffee around your palate and makes it leave your mouth a bit slower than it would otherwise. It's amazing how this increases your ability to distinguish flavors and to pinpoint WHERE in your mouth you sense it.

You can find an adaptation of the professional coffee cupping method for home use in Ken Davids book Coffee. ( I believe it is also in the book Home Roasting too...) You can also cup by simply brewing 2 coffees in small French Presses and tasting them side by side. Tasting different coffees like this will educate you more about coffee flavors than any expensive sensory training tool you can buy!


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