Colombia is a diverse group of growing regions spread from North to South along the three "cordilleras," the mountain ranges that are the Northern extensions of the Andes. Colombian coffees can be outstanding. Most coffee, especially from the Southern growing areas of Huila, Cauca, Narino and Tolima, comes from small family farms, and when the picking and processing are done well they can be exceptional: Silky body, cane sugar sweetness, floral hints and traces of tropical fruits are found in the best Colombia coffees. Click Here to read more.

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    Colombia Nariño Rio Juanambu
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    Colombia Nariño Veredas Vecinas
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    Colombia Las Cochitas Don López
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    Colombia Nariño Los Buesacos
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    Colombia Vereda San Miguel Colombia Vereda San Miguel
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    Colombia Urrao Dón Giraldo
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    Colombia El Grupo de Caicedo
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    Colombia Inza San Antonio
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    Colombia Inza Rio Paez

    Colombia Inza Rio Paez

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    Colombia La Galunga Don Jose
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    Colombia Inzá Las Estrellas
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    Colombia Caicedo Don John
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    Parabolic drying room on the hike up from Caicedo town. Vents at the front and rear allow air to pass through, keeping internal humidity low.
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    Driving to Caicedo from Medellin, this road pass through Caicedo town, and then alongside Corredor Las Alegrias on the way to Urrao
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