Honduras has all the environmental factors on its side: soil, altitude, climate, and farmers who are increasingly better trained in agricultural practices. We started going to Honduras to look for coffee in 2003 and I was able to judge at the first Honduras Specialty Coffee Competition held in San Pedro Sula. That event was the precursor of the Cup of Excellence competitions, which have been held each year since then, and has helped to uncover high quality coffees in Honduras. Click Here to read more.

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  1. Taking a walk around La Lesquiñada with Sergio Romero

    Honduras Cerro Negro La Lesquiñada

  2. These flowers will bloom, and soon after, become coffee cherry. Comayagua.

    Honduras Comayagua Angel Vasquez

  3. In order to check if fermentation is complete, they poke a stick (often a broom handle) into the fermenting coffee and if the hole that is left behind does not collapse on itself, the coffee is ready.

    Honduras Organic Santa Maria Doña Aguilar

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