El Salvador

El Salvador can produce very good coffee. Bourbon varietal coffees are at one end of the spectrum, with a balanced, classic "Central" profile, a good alternative to Brazil as a base for espresso; Pacamara varietal coffees are their opposite, quirky and full of character. High altitudes and good, dense traditional varietals are a factor in the quality of El Salvador coffees. The country also produces an abundance of lower-grown coffee with fairly average cup quality. Click Here to read more.

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  1. Doña Haydee's husband, Alfredo, who also manages Santa Julia

    El Salvador Finca Santa Julia Bourbon

  2. El Salvador La Esperanza "H1" Cultivar

    El Salvador La Esperanza "H1" Cultivar

  3. New
    Bourbon cherry at Finca Miravelles

    El Salvador Apaneca Finca Miravalle Bourbon

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