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Rwanda has one of the most interesting East African coffee histories. It is a place where the production of high-quality coffee is inextricably linked to the rising spirit of a population after the tragic genocidal civil war of the 1990s. Known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills," many of them are cultivated in high-grown coffee between 1700 and 2000 meters above sea level (MASL). Rwanda coffee can be world class. They often have clean bright flavors rivaling the best Central America coffees, more balance than Kenyas, attractive fruited sweetness, floral characteristics, and with a tea-like finish.Read more.

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  1. A view of the drying beds at Gitwe from the road above

    Rwanda Nyamasheke Gitwe

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    Coffee deliveries at the Mushonyi site

    Rwanda Dry Process Rutsiro Mushonyi

  3. Some physical defects are most easily identified when the beans are still wet and swollen, that's what's happening here at the "skin drying" tables - Kageyo station

    Rwanda Kivu Kageyo

  4. Fermentation tanks at another site South of Mushonyi

    Rwanda Rutsiro Mushonyi Station

  5. Phocus (at left in the lab coat), the manager, gives us a tour of Nyakarenzo site during a 2018 visit

    Rwanda Dry Process Rusizi Nyakarenzo

  6. Cooperative members at the wet mill tending to the parchment drying tables

    Rwanda Nyamasheke Kanyege Station

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    At the drying tables, workers keep a sharp eye out for any physical defects in the coffee and remove them - Gaseke coffee washing station

    Rwanda Rusizi Gaseke

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    The sign leading into Cyato coffee washing station

    Rwanda Nyamasheke Cyato Lot 327

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    Receiving station at left where the coffee cherry is first delivered, the depulper below it, and drying beds in the distance - Nyakabingo

    Rwanda Nyamasheke Nyakabingo Station

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