Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

Gene Cafe Roaster by Genesis

Sweet Maria's Tip Sheet for Gene Cafe (pdf format to download)

This is a quick and dirty photo page with some views of the test production roaster. The main reason for this is to link to the movie file I created and to give the link for the Gene Cafe Tip Sheet . It is an MPEG4 (.mp4) file, and can be played on a PC or Mac. To download it you are going to need a torrent application of some kind (BitTorrent, Azureus, Tomato Torrent, etc) Here is the link to the torrent file! See the HomeRoast List to find alternate download methods. It can also be seen on the Google Video site but I suggest you download it, then watch it ... rather than stream it live. -Tom


Gene Cafe packaging


The packaging isolates the roaster very well - still, we will double box it.

This is the stand for the glass roast chamber when you are loading it.
The whole roaster with a good view of the very large chaff collector


Another view of the roaster on my testing bench


Overhead view with the plexi cover lifted. The cover does little but prevent you from touching the drum during roasting


A view of the simple controls


The thumb switch to remove the drum


Lifting out the drum for the first time.

IMG_3211.JPG IMG_3212.JPG


Loading up the Gene Cafe drum.


The "Brazil" fill line - not sure this makes much sense.


Do not force the drum back in - let it drop in


Lowering the drum in .

If the rotation motor has not returned the drum to the correct position, turn the machine off- then on. It will rotate once and align the machine to allow the drum to be inserted into the chassis (or removed).


Ready to go ...


Push a button to start the roast.