Flair Espresso Maker

We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of espresso that this device can produce. We've tested several non-electric manual espresso machines over the years, but none seemed to perform as well as the Flair. We like it's simple, sturdy construction, ease of use, and relatively easy cleaning.
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This kit includes the Flair, one portafilter and screen, one brew chamber, grounds funnel, tamper/measuring cup, all packed in a foam-lined, zippered carrying case.


Height – 10” (25cm)

Weight – 4lb 4oz (1.95kg)

Case size – 12½" x 9" x 3¼" (32cm x 23cm x 8cm)

Footprint dimension – 12” x 6” (30cm x 15cm)

Cylinder water capacity – 65ml

Pressure generated by pressing down handle – 9 -16 BAR

Portafilter capacity – from 16 to 24 grams of grounds (depending on the coffee beans)

Shot volume – roughly 50ml (if you fill the water chamber all the way)
Dimensions 10”H x 6”W x 12”D
Capacity 2 oz