Ethiopia Sidama Decaf

This Sidama decaf is a true highlight coffee, expressing much of the floral and fruited notes you find in non-decaf coffees from the region. Fresh berry, cooked fruit, jasmine florals, high-toned acidity - it's all there and leaves you questioning the caffeine content! But it's a decaf for sure, just one with loads of origin characteristics. City to Full City.
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  • Process Method No
  • Cultivar Heirloom Types
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Processing Various Process
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-dried
Arrival date Nov 20 2014
Lot size 10bags/boxes
Bag size 60.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Cultivar Detail Heirloom Varietals
Grade Top Grade
Appearance .6 d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Roast Recommendations Full City to Full City+ is recommended; our City+ roast was fine, but we felt just beyond this level offered the most balance.
Weight 1 LB
We don't know the exact provenance of this decaf coffee, but it comes from a reputable source. Coffees are sent to the decaf plant with moisture level, water activity, and density being the factors to consider, giving us clues as to how a coffee will hold up to the decaffeination process. This one held up quite well, and the resulting cup is testament to this. It's in-between the green and brownish colors of decaf coffees, and so while care should be taken when judging how developed your roast is, it's much easier to track than the full brown decafs you see. It will snap, but often the first snaps are subtle, so be on alert when roasting and utilizing all of your senses is a must.
This Ethiopian decaf has retained so much of the elegance found in non-decaf Sidamas. The dry fragrance is perfumed - and I do mean "perfumed" - with spiced fruit smells, ripe berries, and even florals. Add hot water, and this one really puts on a show - peach and plum, caramelizing sugars, and a distinct jasmine scent. Quite the decaf, and all of this comes through in the cup. A City+ roast was very un-decaf in flavor, a clear sweetness, and with notes of cooked apricot and fresh berry filling out the profile. There's high-note brightness too, something very unusual in decaf coffee, and it provides great structure to these cup flavors. A jasmine note rounds out the finish, nearly disappearing with the rest of the coffee in a slightly abrupt finish. But that's decaf coffee for you, and the cleanliness and elegance of this coffee easily trumps any shortness in aftertaste.