Ethiopia Organic Natural Djimma WP Decaf

Lighter roasts are "fruit bombs", tons of orange marmalade, apple cider, peach. Medium body. City+ to Vienna
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade 4
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+: works best as a lighter roast for brewed coffee. Note that this coffee seems to roast rather quickly, and seems to pass from 1st to 2nd crack more rapidly than other decaf lots. Why? I dunno. It's great decaf, period
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Inevitably, if we try to name this coffee accurately it is going to end up as a tongue twister; why not just make up fanciful names like Abyssinia Delight or African Trader or ... well, I would rather just stick to the facts, and in this case the facts are: certified Organic Dry-processed (aka Natural) coffee from the Djimma region, processed for decaf using the Water Process (WP) method. Now that's not so confusing, is it. To make it more difficult, we use the term Natural to mean Dry-Process, as many do in the coffee world. Why? Because the name was too long! Unlike other uses of the term Natural (i.e. empty claims on food labels), it DOES man something specific in coffee; drying whole cherry without removing the skin. This is a very fruited, Ethiopia coffee. It's bright, aromatic, somewhat spicy, fruited. The body is fairly light, but suits the tea-like qualities of the cup. This decaf Djimma has all the top-end bright notes and floral-fruit flavors intrinsic to a really good Sidamo. I has medium body, nice aromatics of fruit, wild-honeyed roast tastes, with a long finish. There are orange-marmalade citric notes, and a bit of syrup in the finish. There is a unique spiciness in this cup, similar to the blend of mulling spices used for hot apple cider. If I cupped this blind I would not suspect it was decaffeinated but form some slightly odd aromatic hints. But in the cup, it's an amazing decaf coffee.