Ethiopia Organic Kemala "Korito Koran"

A classic dry-process Ethiopia with creamy, thick body, low acidity, peach-mango fruit, apricot tea in the finish, chocolate. Great SO espresso. Full City
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Farm Gate Yes
Grade 3
Appearance 1 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations FC to FC+ for brewed coffee _‹_ but definitely try an SO espresso shot at FC+ roast. It's fantastic
Weight 1 LB
This coffee originates close to where the dry-process Koratie from earlier this season is grown. It is in the Dara Woreda (politial district) and the SNNP state, south of the Oromia area. There is very little information about Dara area, and I have skirted it without ever being there (next Ethiopia trip, for sure!) Part of the Sidamo zone, Dara is bordered on the south by the Gedeo (Yirga Cheffe) and on either side of it by the Oromia Region, where so many Sidamo coffees are from. Towns in Dara include Teferi Kela and Kebado (the excellent wet-process lot we have). This coffee is part of "Operation Cherry Red" to pay better prices for the harvest of the best, ripest cherry, and it shows in the roast and cup. It's a true-blue dry-process lot, tons of chocolate and fruit. It's not a bright coffee: The main storyline with this coffee is body, thick, creamy, heavy body. It has very low acidity, and there are latent mango and peach fruit flavors in the cup. As it cools there is an apricot tea quality to the finish. These merge in the finish, clean and without the typical issues with natural (dry-process) Ethiopias. As with many coffees that are not to shrill in their brightness, this is a really fantastic SO (Single Origin) Espresso! It packs a real wallop as a pure, un-blended single espresso shot, with amazing peach brandy flavors, and creamy body.