Ethiopia DP Haile Selassie Sidamo

A very sweetly fruited cup, with spice in darker roasts levels. At lighter roasts, super sweet strawberry, peach, apricot, plum, mango, caramel, cream, cardamom, ginger. At darker levels, intense anise and licorice, bittersweet, thick body. City+ to Full City+.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade 3
Appearance 1.2 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ roast will look awfully uneven, but has the most intense fruited notes. FC has the best balance of body and fruit, FC+ is full of intense anise/licorice/cardamom flavors.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Emperor Haile Selassie did not harvest this coffee or own the mill, but he is certainly inspiration for the name of this coffee facility located in the Dara area of Sidamo (and not far from where our Korate coffee originated last year). The process for this DP special selection involves harvesting ripe cherry, promptly screen-drying on raised beds, and extra steps in sorting the coffee after it is hulled. This differs from other dry-process Ethiopia coffees, which are often picked at the tail-ends of the crop, indiscriminately picked, and consolidated later (mixing good coffee with bad). The result is that this coffee has less distraction in terms of earthy, hidey or musty flavors, common in average DP Sidamo coffees. To the contrary, it's a wonderful cup with intense fruit, dried strawberry in the light roasts, and spice in the darker roasts. The fragrance from the ground coffee has a richly layered fruit quality, with tamarind, guava, peach, as well as a creamy milk chocolate scent. There is a yerba matte note when pouring the hot water; in the aroma it fades into mango, cooked peach, nutmeg and other warming spices. On the break there is a very intense cherry scent! The coffee has interesting fruit on so many levels, it is hard to list. And with each new roast and each new brew, it shows even more. Many of these cup like dried fruits, like fruit strips, or fruit roll-ups. There is stone fruit, peach and apricot, as well as light plum notes. Mango sweetness comes through, as well as intensely aromatic dried strawberries. The sweetness is mainly fructose, a soft sweet quality, but also somewhat caramelly, with vanilla accents. There is a creamy, buttery quality as well, especially as the cup cools. Slightly darker roasts show anise spice, a bit of caraway seed, fresh ginger, sarsaparilla bark, and cardamom. It's a very sweet cup, in particular the lighter roast levels. It needs a few days rest to develop body, and very fresh roasts can have a tight dryness in the finish. And yet the aromatics are explosive with a short overnight rest on this coffee. Now this is a bit odd, but we made incredible, I mean ... jaw-dropping incredible ...espresso from this coffee, straight, but it was from some relatively light roasts, City+, with 6 days rest. I didn't think a DP Ethiopia could produce such an amazing shot with such a light roast! If you like wildly bright espresso with an hour of aftertaste, this might be for you; lighter roast, longer rest. It's the nature of DP coffees to have variation in surface color, as well as from cup to cup (or shot to shot). But this coffees has relatively few quakers and shows that more care was put into selection and harvest here.