El Salvador Finca Mauritania

A sweet, nuanced cup with caramel, peach-apricot preserves, spiced tea, cinnamon, not overly complex but quite enjoyable City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 screen
Roast Recommendations As with a lot of clean, wet-processed Centrals, this is most "nuanced" at City+ roast, and with a couple days of rest.
Weight 1 LB
Finca Mauritania is owned and managed by Aida Batlle, who also brings us the award-winning Finca Kilimanjaro and her exclusive Grand Reserve each year. Aida's Mauritania has been offered by our friends at Counter Culture for years, and they have had a long working relationship with this special coffee, investing so much time (and funds) to get the Finca Mauritania Organic certified. Sweet Maria's is just a grateful hitch hiker, and we are really happy to tag along for the ride. For me, Mauritania is such a classic Central flavor profile, balanced if not somewhat restrained. But if you pay attention to this cup through all temperature ranges, from hot to cool, there is so much to discover. This farm is is on the Northern slope of the Santa Ana volcano, between 1400 meters and 1600 meters, and is planted in pure Bourbon cultivar. At my preferred roast (City+) dry fragrance is caramelly sweetly fruited, with peach-apricot preserves, and a touch of rose hips and candied orange peel. The wet aroma follows the same suit, but has more heightened, jammy sweetness, and cinnamon spice on the break. The cup has such a balanced body, with spiced tea flavors, peach danish, cinnamon (again), a touch of ginger, and a very clean finish. I get slight cherry notes in the aftertaste, and a little confectionery sweetness. The body seems creamy, and well-matched to the cup flavors.