Ecuador Puyango Loja

Aromatic floral and fruit notes, grape, apple; balanced cup with peach and notes and hazelnut flavors. Medium body. City+ recommended, FC to FC+ is nice too.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region South America
Grade SHG
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 17 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+: Darker roasts were good, but it was the City+, 10-20 seconds after first crack completed, that had the most range in flavor from high to low.
Weight 1 LB
This is only the second time we have offered Ecuadorean coffee in our brief history, which is both odd and not-odd at all. It's strange that there isn;t great Ecuador coffee in the United States based on the huge potential for quality; great cultivars (nearly all Typica with some Bourbon and Caturra), altitude and climate. And it is not surprising at all, since there has been little economic incentive to grow high quality coffee nor marketing to support the sales of specialty lots from Ecuador. This lot is part of a project by Fundaci_n Maquipucuna, an Ecuadorian NGO, in cooperation with the University of George and Rain Forest Alliance, working to reforest degraded areas and connect forest fragments in the Choc_-Andean corridor to help increase habitat for Neotropical migratory birds. They are trying to establish a new protected forest and enlarge shade coffee and cacao plantations under sustainable management in the Choc_-Andean corridor, helping the farmers rejuvenate shade trees over the coffee plants and to obtain Organic certification. Loja is the central city in the district by the same name, Charguarpamba is the subdistrict, and Puyango is the mark given by the producers. The dry fragrance is lively and clean, with some grape-like fruited accents. The wet aromas are floral and sweet, like a nice shampoo (perhaps that doesn't sound right, but that's what it recalls), with suggestions of hazelnut and apple as well. My lightest roasts were really great; peach fruit flavors, that hazelnut roast tone I mentioned before, and a fine balance between brighter alto notes and tenor-level flavors. It's not the most complex cup, nor the most intense, but a definite winner in the "crowd-pleaser" category. Darker roasts had a soft, thick chocolate roast flavor, creamy and balanced with good sweetness. Still, it was the light City-City+ roast that had the more dynamic cup. I looked back at the first-ever Ecuador review from several years ago, and saw that we offered it with very moderate scores, almost apologetically. What a difference ... I feel this is a very attractive cup, aromatically quite seductive, and rates well alongside finer Colombia offerings. Now, given recent disputes between the two countries, Colombians might not like that appraisal ...