Sweet Maria's Home Roasters' Dream Camp

When: Saturday September 26th, Noon-4 PM (NB: this session is full! already! : (

Locations: Sweet Maria's Warehouse 1115 21st St. Oakland, CA 94607

Session Leader: Joshua Housh (SM Operations Manager/Roaster)

Camp Size: Limited to 10 participants

Fee: $0, but you are required to purchase these one coffees and roast them, and bring them to the session:

Join us for a fun day of roasting on 4 different roasters we have in the warehouse: Freshroast 8, Hottop Basic, Behmor, and the mother of them all: the 12 kilo Probat! That’s right, we are going to open the doors of the warehouse on Saturday September 26th for a roasting extravaganza.

We have selected a coffee to spend the day roasting, and we ask participants to roast them beforehand and bring them in. As a group, we will examine your home-roasted results and compare and contrast to the results we get during the roast-a-thon.

Are you an air roast master who always wondered how your roasts compare to drum roasts? Or, maybe a drum roaster who has never really tried air roasting? Each participant will get the chance to roast on any of the 3 home roasters we will have set up. As a group, we will roast a batch of each of the selected coffees on the Probat and you can take home some of the roasted coffee.

This is a chance to broaden your knowledge, get feedback on your roasts, ask questions, share information, and hang out with other home roasters in an informal setting. This is not a class, and we do not expect to be covering every aspect of roast profiles, varietal differences in the roaster, etc. But, rather we want to gather a few passionate folks to talk about coffee and roast. See you at camp!