Dancers T-Shirt

Printed on soft cotton blend fabric.

- one time print, Medium & Large only

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We have a long history of finding imagery and amusing ourselves by simply adding "Sweet Maria's Coffee" to it. We had the very limited 7 color run of Frankenstien Shirts, the infamous "Weird Chicken" shirt that nobody would buy (maybe the mustard yellow color was just too much), and the Bad Brains shirt I made just to annoy Dan, who hates when coffee companies steal band imagery and make it their logo (Black Flag, Sonic Youth, and Death come to mind - not mentioning any coffee company names though!) So here's our version of the same horrible behavior, a found image of dancers was the original inspiration (don't know where it is from but something to do with my sons school!?), and we made a limited run of shirts because ... well because we could. I just thought their gesture was so amazing and wonderful, so I redrew it (more like traced it) and Voila! This! Maria says nobody will buy it. Ha ha. That's ok. -Tom