Sweet Maria's Cupping Log V 6.0

Incoming coffee samples at Sweet Maria's, accepted and/or rejected

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This is a log of incoming samples here at Sweet Maria's with only the total score recorded and a Y or N for further evaluation. It doesn't contain my full cupping scores, and really, I don't log every cupping session on the computer, but it gives a good sense of the behind-the-scenes work here. Scroll to the bottom to see the most recent cupping notes. This is a pre-screening process, with my personal cursory comments. I often go back and cup a sample that I give an N to after rethinking it. After I reroast and recup a Y sample, then we try to actually get the coffee which does't always work out ... or the opposite happens: a sample is great and then the coffee arrives and it is not, so we reject it. This can happen alot! A favorable entry in the cupping log does not necessarily that the coffee is about to arrive. It could be months away. After we actually receive a coffee, then I pull another sample, roast it several times, and cup it with a new scoring sheet and write the full review. The idea here is to give an impression of the work we do ... this is not a preview list of things you will see on our actual offering sheet. We keep making new versions, mostly because they hit a size where the file gets corrupted, and we have to re-do it.

February 28: Our cupping log is down for maintenance. We expect it to be back up in several days.