Costa Rica Peaberry-Petite Bean Experiment

A small lot of small bean coffee. Fruits in the aroma and cup include dark Bing cherry, black plum, Monukka raisin; very sweet and juicy cup, caramel and vanilla, dark brown sugar, slightly tannic finish. City to City+ roast
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 1.2 d/300gr, 14-16 Screen
Roast Recommendations City - City+ had the most dimension here. This is an unusual coffee to roast, and BEHMOR users, beware of the small bean size. It might catch in the screen of the regular, stock Behmor drum.
Weight 1 LB
When I was in Costa Rica at Exclusive coffee, we had a table with two amazing samples I rated near 90. I noticed both were very small in bean size, mostly peaberry, but also a lot of tiny little flat beans. When we flipped over the cards, it turns out this was part of an experimental preparation and not a larger lot of coffee. What a tease! Basically, the coffee at the higher parts of the farm was forming small fruits that were under the standard commercial screen sizes, so they were simply dropping into the lo-grade bin at the dry mill with bad and broken beans. Also, they ripen late in the season, after much of the crop is exported. So they were both small and late. But in reality, they tasted great! The best was the Cafetin San Martin, but the quantity was so small. Other farmers tried to harvest these small beans as well, with similar cup results (i.e. very good). So what we offer here is a blend of 3 farms and their "Petite Beans": Cafetin, Don Mayo and Montes de Oro. Note: This coffee does not have perfect preparation. It roasts a bit like an Ethiopia dry process coffee, a little bean to bean variation and a couple under-ripes (quakers) in there. The reason for this is that the milling equipment was not set up to handle such small sized beans. These normally are just allowed to drop through the screener and go into the low grade coffee sold for "local consumption." The guys had to actually source a new screen material and monitor the milling visually. But the result is a very interesting cup! The dry fragrance has a sweetness that is a bit like Aunt Jemima, sweet but not quite maple syrup-like, and with some vanilla and caramel. There's a hint of almond oil and spiced plum. In fact, this coffee has a slightly winey fruited note, a bit Kenya-esque, a little like the El Salvador Kilimanjaro. On the break there are cherry and plum fruit notes in the wet aroma, as well as honey sweetness. The cup has a darkly fruited sweetness, dried plums and black cherry, Monukka raisin and spice. I would describe this as a "juicy" coffee in terms of flavor and mouthfeel. There are clove and pepper accents here, and the finish is a bit on the dry side. The Full City roast has a caramelized dark brown sugar flavor, ending with a bit of almond skin flavor.It's a fairly bright cup, and there is a think body. The long aftertaste is slightly tannic and tight. It's a very interesting cup, the way it passes from fruited scents and sweet syrupy flavors to an austere finish.