Costa Rica Organic La Yunta Estate

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ for the bright, intense cup I describe. But this coffee makes an outstanding FC+ roast too. It's an especially roast-sensitive coffee so expect to see flavor shifts with each batch.
Weight 1 LB
La Yunta is a small 10 Hectare farm in the West Valley area of Costa Rica. More specifically, San Isidro de San Ram_n. The farm is owned by the Varela Brothers and is certified Organic, a rarity in Costa Rica in and of itself. The farm doesn't have the towering altitude of some others we buy from (1250-1300 meters), but you wouldn't know that from the cup. This is a bright, citrusy cup. The fact it is 100% Caturra cultivar might have something to do with it. The seeds are small, and roast like a very dense, high grown coffee with little cracking at the ends, a tight crease in the middle (the "closed fist"), and not a lot of expansion in size. This is one of the few Micro Mill coffees that I did not get a chance to visit, but hopefully we can get there before next year's crop. For me, the coffee spoke for itself when I cupped it. The dry fragrance of the City+ roast is so sweet, laced with cherry blossom. The wet aromatics, smelling the wet grounds after adding hot water, and "breaking" the grounds with a cupping spoon, are even more sweet (with a savory accent) and floral. There are ample citrus hints but this floral character pervades. It's a bright, bright cup, very lively, effervescent. As the cup cools, there is a honey-sweetned tea note that comes forward. It has a refined sweetness, clean fruited notes (the body and flavor remind me of the syrup from canned peaches). The aftertaste has a pristine, crisp, fade-out, with an interesting aromatic cedar note coming forward on the palate at the end. It's a very clean cup, delicate, but still has a lot of character.