Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo -Finca Genesis

The cup is bright and sweet, with strong honey-lemonade flavors, dried fruits of plum, apricot and raisin, toasted nut, and praline. Medium intensity, mildy rustic, with sweet-sour balance. Great syrupy body. At lighter C+ roasts it has the brightest citrus accents. City+ to Full City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+: At lighter C+ roasts it has the brightest citrus accents.
Weight 1 LB
We bought this tiny lot of coffee from a farm called Genesis two years ago at the main harvest, and it was a stand-out coffee from that crop. It should be; after we bought this lot in '08, they held the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence and this farm won it! The coffee was a blend of Genesis farm, which is adjacent to Los Manantiales farm. This year Oscar and Olga Mendez at Finca Genesis have constructed their own micro mill and are processing their own lots. Genesis? What's with the name? Oscar explains that it was intended to describe a new beginning for the family, to sell their coffee independently rather than to the mill for bulking, and also his ecological vision. His farm is "edenic" for sure, with a great variety of shading and fruit trees, as well as flowers planted everywhere! Everyone who visits falls in love with the place O and O; so did I so we have an exclusive relationship (SM/Shrub) with them for this coffee. This is a "Honey Coffee or "Miel", a pulp natural where the coffee fruit is skinned (depulped), and the fruity mucilage is allowed to dry in contact the with the parchment shell that surrounds the green bean. The difference in this long contact, and the different drying dynamic, means a cup with greater body, and milder acidity. In the case of Genesis, it makes for a potent flavor experience. Honey process can make for a very unusual and varied-looking green coffee too. Some beans retain their full silverskin, reddish to yellow in color, while others appear like wet-processed green coffee. But you can see by how it roasts that it doesn't matter if the coffee has chaff or not on the surface - it is a sound bean underneath. (In fact the old practice of polishing green coffee to make it appear more beautiful often harmed the cup quality by friction heat it generated).
Finca Genesis is so sweet, potent, and even a bit funky compared to the standard Costa Rica wet-process flavor profile. The dry fragrance is intensely sweet, a full, rounded sweetness with malt syrup, praline, dark honey, and raisiny fruits. Adding the hot water, the wet aromatics have interesting savory sweet qualities, dark brown bread in the oven, cooked berry, tea and another big helping of raisin fruits (think pie). It's a coffee I just want to sit and smell for as long as possible - these are highly attractive aromatics! The cup is vividly bright, with strong honey-lemonade flavors, red berry, toasted nut, praline and dried fruit. I get apricot, plum and raisin as dried fruit flavors. It's quite sweet, but not in the typical wet-process Costa Rica way, a more full, slightly rustic sweet dimension. The body is syrupy, thick. It definitely reveals itself as a true "honey coffee," a "miel" or pulp natural process. In that respect, the flavors are slightly more funky than a fully washed coffee, and the opaque body more pronounced, and a distinct "roundness" to the mouthfeel.