Costa Rica La Candelilla Guaca Bourbon

A classic Central America flavor profile, with almond nut roast tones, milk chocolate, red apple fruit notes, clove, pepper zest. Great as a vacuum brew. City+ to Full City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ for the lighter, lower-intensity cup, or FC+ roast too. It takes a wide range of roasts.
Weight 1 LB
La Candelilla is one of the larger farms in the "Micro-Mill" category, but like the others it is a true coffee estate, with complete control of the coffee from the plant, through the processing and preparation for export. It is operated by Victor Mata, and this coffee comes from a high spot called La Guaca (1500-1550 meters). The farm is in the La Sabana micro-region, at the south bank of the Pirris River, approximately 2 km west from San Marcos de Tarraz_ town. They have a very impressive mill, and a lot of new plantings in various cultivars, such as Gesha. (As you can imagine, half of Latin America looks like it is being replanted in Gesha). But what we have here is a classic cup. It's a blend of the Bourbon-hybrid Mundo Novo and old Bourbon, and I am not sure of the exact percentage of each. In either case, a lot of the character in this cup. It works well under a wide range of roasts, and we tested very light City through FC+ levels with nice results. The wet fragrance has a classic Central American brightness, milk chocolate, and a restrained character overall. The light roasts have a distinct toasted almond flavor, and a substantial, silky mouthfeel. There is also a clean red apple fruit, and interesting zesty spice; pepper and a bit of clove. I prefer a little darker roast here, a Full City, near to the start of 2nd crack... but safely before the first snap of of 2nd crack begins. Here the coffee has a generous milk chocolate bittersweetness, great thick body, and dark fruited tones lurking in the background. There are raisiny notes, and as it cools some very nice honey sweet flavors fading into the aftertaste. It's a classic cup, not an exotic fruit bomb, but with a lot of lattitude in the roast to produce really nice results all along the roast spectrum.