Costa Rica Helsar "Typica Villalobos"

A balanced cup with classic Typica varietal character, balanced, milk chocolate, toffee "Bit-o-Honey" aromatics, lighter City+ roast has red apple fruit, but we prefer Full City roast overall, or a melange of the two roast levels.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations Full City: I think this coffee has best balance of fruit and chocolate at FC roast.
Weight 1 LB
We are big fans of Helsar, and are offering several lots this year from this excellent West Valley mill. Helsar de Zarcero represents the combined efforts of Ricardo Perez Barrantes and Rodriguez Villalobos. Their farms are on a high ridge in the are of Alajuela, in the coffee areas of both Zarcero and Naranjo. They grow Typica and Caturra cultivars primarily, but this is an interesting type called Villa Sarchi. So in the above name, Helsar de Zarcero is the mill mark, and Typica is the cultivar, called Typica Villalobos. (It's a unique type, which originates on farms of the Rodrigues Villalobos family. Not every coffee grower has a cultivar named after them! Villalobos = "town of the wolves"?) This is an elogated bean form with large cherries, and is known for great balance in the cup. They have an excellent MicroMill and dry most of their top grade coffees on raised beds/screens in a covered tent (to increase heat and prevent rain damage). This is not the brightest, most acidic Costa Rica (many Costa Ricas are Caturra or Catuai), and I think we are tasting a lot of the Typica influence in the cup. Like the Typicas of Oaxaca Mexico, they have great body and balance, with less citrus acidity. The dry fragrance has soft chocolate notes with additional caramelly sweet hues. The wet aroma is toffee-like, actually, it reminds me of Bit-O-Honey candy! The lighter roasts have a red apple fruited quality, with refreshing, mild brightness. The aftertaste has tangy roast bittersweet, but fades to coffee cherry fruit flavor. Later, I get that same red apple again. It's a great, balanced, mild cup. In fact, since we have had trouble finding really good coffees from Oaxaca, this Typica might be a good alternative. Comparing it side by side with the Helsar Villa Sarchi cultivar, it has a deeper tonality, and lower level of acidity, with a distinctly different fruit note. Oddly, they come to the same score total but attain it in different ways. This was a lot we offered earlier this year, but had set aside a portion in vacuum bags for later in the season...