Colombia Los Galpones -Manuel Santacruz Microlot

An elegant Colombia flavor profile, mild, clean, delicate at the lighter roasts. Green grape, panela sugarcane cakes, floral, honey, lemon and starfruit. City to City+ roast levels.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region South America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade Farm-Specific MicroLot
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 15-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations See the notes in the review: City to City+ is highly recommended. Over-roasting this lot really flattens out the delicate cup qualities.
Weight 1 LB
This is a selection from out farm-direct Colombia program. When we score above 88 points, it is desginated as a Micro-lot, processed separately, and a premium price is returned to the farmer. Whe I cup all these tiny lots each week, I don't know the details behind them, but "Lot 74" was memorable and we ranked it above everything in the weekly samples shipped from Bogota. As it is revealed, Lot No. 74 was grown by Mr. Manuel Santacruz. Mr. Santacruz is 47 years old, married to Maria Maura Betancur, with 5 children and a small coffee farm in Bruselas, Huila he calls El Galpon. The area is 7 Hectares and is cultivated with caturra and variedad colombia. The dry fragrance has some refined white grape juice hints and cane sugar, while a slightly darker roast (FC) has cocoa powder tones. The wet aroma reveals some balanced spices and a cake-like sweetness ... very nice. The cup is bright and has a nice, bracing acidity in the lighter roasts, which gives a certain effervescence. It has restrained fruit flavors; green grape, panela (sugarcane cake), mild lemony citrus, a touch of starfruit. There are floral suggestions too and a honeyed sweetness. I definitely found myself drawn to the lightest roast, which, like the other vacuum pack Huila Colombias that arrived at the same time, looks impossibly light-roasted. It is variegated in color, with dark creases in the bean, as if it is not fully expanded by the roast process. It isn't! And yet stopping the roast at the City level, just as it completes first crack, has yielded great results with this lot, and the others too. When we did some later brews of this coffee, the sugarcane sweetness and a green tea finish were evident. It's a subtle yet very complex and nuanced coffee, that yields some new dimension each time it is roasted and brewed.