Colombia Huila -Finca El Junin, Humberto Diaz

A second small lot of this popular coffee, the same review holds true. This amazing cup is sweet with glimmering brightness and aromatic fruits such as black currant, dark berry, and mission fig. In the finish is an apple-like tartness, a malic acidity that is refreshing and crisp. The body is dense, but not overwhelmingly heavy. City to City+.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region South America
Grade Single-farm Microlot
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Roast Recommendations I would keep this light, City to City+. City roast may seem a little patchy in appearance, with the chaff still quite light in color in the crease. But in the cup it is excellent.
Weight 1 LB
I had the pleasure to visit Humberto Diaz at his beautiful farm, El Junin, a couple months ago. This was after we had already identified his coffee as a special micro-lot through blind cupping, and based on the high cupping scores, rewarded it with a very good price. I venture to say it was the highlight of my Colombia trip. Everything I found there was, without prompting or primping, exactly what you want to see when you visit a small farm. The coffee was being carefully dried on a raised bed, underneath a stretched clear plastic barrel roof, a system that uses warm air flow more than direct sun to dry coffee. Carefully, he had netting stretched over wood planking so to keep the parchment out of direct contact with wood, which can taint it. He had a series of screens placed on a rack to initially dry the wet, freshly processed coffee, before moving into his special drying house. He does most of the harvesting himself, and nearly all of the processing, hiring one young neighbor as an apprentice, and with family assistance. He was both shy in that rural way, but articulate and open about his techniques. And there was no sense he was telling us what we wanted to hear ... he was simply showing us what he did. I know, these details aren't that exciting, but they are precisely what differentiates good coffee from bad. Good harvesting, good pulping, good drying ... that's what a farmer must do to maximize the quality of his or her coffee. And Humberto had it all, not to mention a stunningly beautiful farm at 1700 meters. I am excited to finally have the coffee in our warehouse! The dry fragrance is extremely sweet, as I had hoped. It has a caramel-black currant scent, plum, berry, fig. This is true of the wet aroma too, along with black walnut, and on the break a potent sweet-savory accent. The lightest roast I did, City roast, was an irresistible coffee. In fact I kept all my tests at the lighter range, in anticipation of where on the roast spectrum this coffee would really shine. And shine it does - sweet, and with glimmering brightness. The aromatic fruits come through in the cup flavors; black currant, dark berry, sweet mission fig. In the finish is an apple-like tartness, a malic acidity that is refreshing and crisp. The body is dense, but not overwhelmingly heavy. I think it would be a thicker cup at FC roast, but that would obscure some of the beautiful sweet fruits of these lighter roast levels.