Colombia "Dos Payasos de Tolima"

Floral notes and and flame grape aromas hint at the sweetly fruited cup flavors. Golden raisin flavor emerges in the cup, with apple and orange tea fruited notes, City roast is ideal but FC works too.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region South America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade Estate
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Weight 1 LB
This is the third micro-lot "edition" from our small-farm selections in the Tolima department of Colombia. Tolima is one of my favorite coffee origins in Colombia, and the Tolima microlot offerings we evaluate through our Colombia Farm Gate program are some of my highest rated. Most of the lots are from Planadas and Rioblanco areas, a remote zone that is difficult to access. Part of the issue is that Tolima is one of the last active FARC areas where the conflict between the government and the rebels continue, and sadly is is always the land-beholden farmers who suffer. Still, we work through local Cooperative to access their fantastic coffees, and have designated our specially crafted blend as "Dos Payasos de Tolima" as a riff on the first lot we called Los Pijaos de Tolima. As you might guess, payaso means clown. Not to say there is any nonsense to this lot; it's fantastic! The aromatics here are very complex and sweet (which I attribute partly to the fact this we pay extra to have this coffee vacuum-packed at origin). It's also one of Mingas program coffees, meaning we "built" this coffee by cupping many small individual farm lots, some as small as 40 or 50 kilos, then assembled the Dos Payasos based on cup profile, aiming for brightness balanced by complex deeper-toned flavors. The dry fragrance has floral hints, some red apple and flame grape. Adding the hot water, the fruit has a winey ripe aspect, a hint of Kenya-type acidity. (It reminds me of some Kenya Kirinyaga lots we have had in the past). There is a nice caramel-butterscotch whiff on the break. The lighter roasts have golden raisin fruit sweetness and apple-like brightness. The finish has a pleasant tart, drying quality, a bit like 'apple skins' in the finish. There's dashes of spiciness too; cinnamon stick, clove. Caramel and spice linger as the cup cools, as well as orange spice tea. The body isn't heavy, but substantial to balance out the brighter aspects of the cup. The lightest City roast was my favorite, with that golden raisin sweetness provoking a near mouth-watering response. Darker roasts cool well though, and the sweetness and fruit peek out from behind bittering roast flavors as the Full City roast cup cools.