Coffee Taster's Specialty Sock

For the extreme coffee geek, we offer this exciting new way to extend your inventory of flavor description terms.
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As a handy crib sheet, you too can make keen observations about coffee aroma and flavor, such as "Wooly", "Arpeggio" or "Manila". (Just don't let them see you sneak a peek at your feet). Create unique pairings such as "I find this coffee has a Noodle-y Mouthsmell," ... or "Did you find the Nomadic Dried Plum in this cup?" Amaze (or annoy) everyone within earshot! Drop bombs of knowledge on everyone at the local cafe! Hear your mother say, "Seriously, It's just coffee!"

The Coffee Taster's Specialty Coffee Sock is not only a great tool for the socially awkward (which is definitely why we are wearing them). But it is also a comfortable pair of one-size-fits-all crew-height dress socks of a cotton-poly blend. And in a pinch, you can grind your coffee directly into the sock and make a pretty good filter brew! (Note: Natural coffees brew best).
Material Cotton-poly blend