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Sweet Maria's Thumbs Up Stainless Steel Cupping Spoon

Impress everyone ...or make them think you have gone completely over-the-edge! Yes, the process of coffee tasting involves a special spoon, and coffee cuppers get very, very particular about the shape and make of theirs. This spoon has a deep round bowl, moderate size overall, that special curvature of the handle to permit skimming the coffee from the top of the cup.

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Our new coffee taster’s spoon, also called a “cupping spoon” in the “coffee biz,” has a unique function. In the tradition of the Magic 8 Ball, it will actually indicate to ambidextrous coffee tasters if a coffee is good or not. (It can also make suggestions about whether you will have a good day, or if you look good). 

This highly reflective, deeply intentional and 100% water-resistant spoon is truly multi-purpose, useful for other products like avocados or occasional “cereal tasting”. It has limited bluetooth connectivity though; the app is in early development. 

This spoon is made of 100% non-irradiated Stainless Steel, weighs a  meaty 52.5 grams, measures 16cm long (6.3 inches), has a 45mm bowl that will hold 5.5 ml of liquid, or 145 grams of metal shavings. If you use bowls for coffee tasting, this can also be called a “bowling spoon”. The designs are etched using lasers from the future.

Sadly, monodextrous people will find the predictive ability of the spoon to be limited, and lefties in particular might never like another coffee ever again. That was unintentional, as we designed the spoon to bum out only right-handed people. But something got switched in production. 

(Secret reveal: you don’t actually need a cupping spoon to taste coffee).

Material Stainless Steel