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Chemex CM-8GH (Glass Handle) 8 Cup - 40 oz

The CM-8GH will brew the same great coffee as the other Chemex models. The only difference is the glass handle instead of the wooden sleeve. You will need to purchase Chemex filters since they are stronger and the thick paper helps produce the clean brewed coffee that Chemex is know for. It's made of thick, durable glass that is easy to clean.

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I loved the '70s. I loved my Schwinn Stingray, I loved my Matchbox cars, I loved "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters." (Am I dating myself here?)

That wood collar with the leather band on the traditional Chemex models is a bit anachronistic. I mean, it serves a function; you do need some insulation for your hand as you pour your Chemex coffee. But now you have an option, with this elegant, simple, all-glass design. We carry the 8 cup (40 ounce model) that has the lovable moniker "CM-8GH". It's sleek, it's clear, it makes coffee same as the other Chemex models.

The glass handle is thick and sturdy but hey, it's glass. My estimation is that you would probably crack the carafe itself long before you would crack the handle, so this model is no more or less fragile than the others.

The key advantages to using a Chemex are still true: the coffee-water mixture is the right temperature (between 195-205°F) from the beginning of the infusion; you control infusion time based upon the fineness of your grind and pouring technique; and lastly (and I think, of great significance) is that you can keep this system very clean.

A disadvantage of paper filters is they can impart a noticeable flavor to the brew, especially the thick Chemex filters, so pre-wetting the filter is key to excellent brewing. Also, Chemex brewing is best when making larger amounts of coffee: paper taste and heat loss are more noticeable when trying to brew a small batch of say 12 oz.

You will need to buy Chemex filters or an Able Kone separately. Other brands of filters could break under the weight of the water and ground coffee. Want to impress your friends? Tell them that your Chemex is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. We have a page with full instructions for Chemex brewing and downloadable tip sheet.

Want to retain a little more heat while brewing? A Clever Coffee Dripper lid makes a pretty good fit and sits at the same height as the rim.

Dimensions 9.25" x 5" x 5"
Capacity 40 oz
Material Borosilicate glass
Cons Heat loss could be an issue, The glass is thick but not unbreakable
Pros It looks really nice, The cup quality is great