Roasting with a stovetop popcorn popper can be a convenient way to get started roasting. It is inexpensive, easy to do,  and allows for big batch sizes. This method does have a few draw backs. Because it is a manual method of roasting, it does require that the user agitate the beans and cool the roast by hand. Since there is no chaff collection it can be messy, and good ventilation is a key when roasting on a stovetop. For the traditionalists stovetop roasting is close to the cowboy style roasting of the American West and the traditional coffee roasting ceremonies of Ethiopia. Though the results can be inconsistent, those that stick with it can find techniques that render very favorable results.

A thermometer is a helpful accessory for stovetop roasting. They are easy to install; just punch a hole in the popper's lid and insert the thermometer. More tips are available in the resources area of the menu bar and in our Library.