Manual or hand mills are great -

  1. When you brew small amounts of coffee.
  2. When you have limited counter space.
  3. If you want a conical grade mill on the cheap.
  4. If you live off the grid or travel a lot.
  5. If you want to avoid the noise of an electric mill.
  6. If you want a minor upper body workout.

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a hand mill, such as, size, weight, and capacity, though probably the most important factor to consider is how well the mill will fit in your hand. Grinding on a handmill requires a sturdy grip, and you will want to maintain good leverage for the few minutes it will take to grind the beans. Consider a mill that you can comfortably grasp in your hand, or alternativly a Zassenhaus Knee Mill, which you can leverage between your knees. Manual mills are suitable for a drip, espresso and the finer side of a French Press Grind.