We carry a selection of mills that we have tested extensively and feel good about selling.  When choosing an electric mill, it is important to fit the mill to your brewing method. 

For drip coffee consider a mid priced conical mill from Baratza. If money or counter top space is a factor, a whirling blade mill like the Bodum Bistro will do the trick.

You cannot get a good espresso extraction without a quality coffee grinder that can achieve a fine even grind. We sell espresso mills from Baratza, Rancilio, Compak and Mazzer, some with dosers to measure out, some without.   Our mills for espresso are built to last and serviceable after warranty.

You can compare any of our mills based on the the "Additional Info" information we give for each mill. We also include the grind range so you can determine if the mill is right for your brew method of choice!