Moka Pot stovetop brewers produce a dense concentrated cup that's something between espresso and Turkish coffee. Coffee is placed into a filter between the lower chamber (that you fill with water) and the upper chamber that will contain the finished beverage after brewing. Since the water is forced through the cake of coffee by pressure, the process bears more resemblance to espresso extraction than infusion (gravity-based) brewing.

It's an edgy way to make coffee; it always seemed a little dangerous to me!

Thankfully, new Mokapots have pressure relief valves on the lower chamber to prevent espresso pyrotechnics all over your kitchen.  I had a bias against this method too: I avoided it for years because I could only find aluminum moka pots. But here we have found all-stainless steel brewers that are very, very nice. And I found some tricks in the brewing method that improve the cup quality too. You can find those on our MokaPot Brewing Tip Sheet!