French Press brewing is a great way to make a powerful cup of coffee quickly and simply. We offer a selection of top-of-the-line glass and chromed stainless steel presses from Bodum. This is the standard cafe press: well-made, not some wacko-futuristic, artist-signed, limited edition showpiece. Not that there is anything wrong with that....

It pays to get yourself a well-made French Press because you will regret it very quickly if you don't!

Remember that a press allows more sediment from the grounds into the cup. That is what makes French Press coffee distinctive. Some degree of sediment is desirable; it means more solids are dissolved in the brew, which imparts a more robust mouth feel to the coffee. Too much sediment is bad; to balance this you need an even grind, so a burr grinder is the best choice for French Press brewing.

Extra sediment or not, we feel that French Press offers some real advantages;  it perfectly compliments freshly roasted coffee (because the water and coffee fully mix for the recommended 2-4 minute brew time), and it preserves the oils that might be otherwise filtered out or tainted by a paper filter. Check out our French Press Brewing Tip Sheet. We have more tips on Brewing Fundamentals on this page.