The AeroPress is an ideal coffee maker for traveling, or for brewing a small amount at home or in the office. It makes a very clean, sediment-free cup in a short period of time, and it is easy to clean up. You just need ground coffee, hot water, and something to brew into. Brewing with the AeroPress gives good control over the variables since you can easily adjust the water temperature and coffee-to-water ratio.

After a lot of frustration on vacations using friends' and relatives' dirty, low temperature coffee makers, the AeroPress seemed like a perfect match for me or anyone away from their home brewing setup.

There's one big problem with the brewer: the claims made by the manufacturer that come printed on the packaging. They mean well and want to sell their product, but this is not an espresso maker, nor are the other "made-for-TV" type exaggerations on the packaging true. This is a brewer that makes a concentrated coffee, and then you add hot water to the concentrate. A quick internet search will give you results for different brewing methods, as well as iced coffee and coffee concentrate recipes using the AeroPress.

The instructions that come with the brewer are good, but I have made my own AeroPress pictorial instructions to show the way I think it should be used.

I know it's no looker. Someone commented that it has all the charm of a medical device. Ugly packaging and looks don't mean bad coffee, though. The AeroPress is well made; it is easy to use, fast, easy to clean and travels well. I think its positive features have made it a good brewer to add to my "arsenal" ... maybe you have a need for this, too.

Here's a link to a YouTube video on the Aeropress that Tom posted.