Cameroon Caplami Java

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Region Africa
Grade 1
Appearance .8 d/300gr, 18+ Screen Longber
Roast Recommendations C+ FC, FC+, Vienna - interesting coffee at a wide range of roasts.
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Cameroon is an oddball in the Specialty Coffee terms. For starters, this is West African coffee, not East African like most other arabica offerings such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Rwanda. And a large percentage of Cameroon_‹_s coffee has traditionally been robusta, grown in all provinces except the north, while arabica is mainly produced in the high altitudes of the west, northwest and east. The western highlands of Cameroon, where much of the coffee is grown, averages about 5,000 feet above sea level and has two distinct seasons, the rainy season and dry season, which benefits quality arabica. This lot is from the UCCAO Caplami Cooperative, and is an unusual longberry Java cultivar, quite similar in appearance to the long, pointed Java Longberry from Placeres Estate (Nicaragua) that we offer. In terms of the cup, the dominant qualities bear resemblence to Indonesian cup character, with some distinct differences too. The dry fragrance from the grounds is chocolatey, a bit earthy (a la Sumatra) and has a molasses sweetness at FC rast, and a nutmeg/mace spice hint at C+ roast. Wet aromas have chocolate, gingerbread, aromatic wood, and a mild earthiness. The cup has a molasses sweetness, a dense, thick body, and an earthy-woody dimension. There are spicey "cinnamon stick" notes, and a mild lemon oil brightness that you would not find in the Indonesia coffees that the intial flavors bring to mind. The finish has a tobacco and aromatic wood suggestion to it ... and there is also a very odd green flavor that, in some roasts reminded me of chayote and in others a green tea note. I found one defect cup in 10 I brewed, with a strong grassy flavor ... but I think this coffee is worth the risk. It's unusual, and worth the risk of an occasional stinky cup. As an interesting side-note, I made some unbelievably good Single Origin espresso with this coffee at FC and FC+ roast. Fruit and floral aspects emerged that were quite unexpected, alluding to Yirgacheffe!