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Burundi Kiganda Murambi

Murambi is a light to medium-bodied cup with mouth cleansing acidity. Flavors of turbinado and sucanat are accented by top notes of black currant, dried apple, rhubarb and mulling spice. City to City+.

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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Bourbon Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Kiganda
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-dried
Arrival date December 2018 Arrival
Lot size 24
Bag size 60 KG
Packaging GrainPro Liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Bourbon
Grade A1
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City to City+
Type Farm Gate

Murambi is an impressive operation, a privately owned collection site in the Kiganda area near the Mubarazi river. The coffee processed at Murambi are from the surrounding hillside villages ("collines"), which there's talk of separating in the future, but this year was all blended together by day of delivery. Most of the farms are around 2000 meters above sea level and entirely planted in Bourbon. They process coffee in a similar way to Kenya in that the cherry is removed with disc pulpers, fermented for almost a full day and then washed/soaks for another day before being laid out to dry on raised beds. Last year the station received a large premium at the year's end for the coffees they exported and the mill owner invested in 450 goats that were distributed to as many farmers who work with the station. The idea is for the goats to both help with building out an organic farming system, as well as an added source of revenue for the farmers. Also worth a mention that Murambi won the Burundi Cup of Excellence competition in 2012.

Roasting to City+ yields a sweet cup with subtle spice cookie and dried fruit accents. The fragrance and aromatic profile are made up of a saccharine sweet base of raw and refined sugars, highlights of honey graham and loose leaf teas too. Intimations of green tea are lifted in the wet aroma, along with a refined sugary sweet smell (think simple syrup) and subtle bittering roast tone. When brewed, Murambi is a light to medium-bodied cup with mouth-cleansing acidity that I liken to apple or pear juice. Our lightest roast showed developed sweetness with flavors of darker, unrefined sugars like turbinado and sucanat. Spice and fruit hints crop up in the cooling cup, accent notes of black currant, dried apple, rhubarb and mulling spice. Our Full City roast showed some darker fruit and mild cocoa flavors, but for me, body is too light to prop up the heavier roast tones found at this level. But at City and City+ you'll be rewarded with a sweet, clean Burundi cup, and complex top notes are revealed after the temperature dips to a drinkable level.