Thermal Cups & Bottles

We are pretty critical of travel mugs and thermal bottles. Large retailers and promotional give-a-way product companies love them because they are great opportunies for advertising. Buying a cheap-o portable mug normally means that it will be broken or leaking in a few weeks. Many of them offer poor insulation and have cheap seals. OK, enough complaining... We need to take coffee with us too so we are pretty critical when deciding on what coffee transport devices to offer you. Some of the items below may seem a little expensive but we think they are worth every penny. Many Sweet Maria's employees use them on a regular basis while bike commuting, road tripping, rock climbing, snowboarding, freeway driving, punk rocking and skateboarding...a definite testament to their quality and durability.

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  1. ESPRO Travel Press ESPRO Travel Press

    ESPRO Travel Press

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