There are many ways to brew a great cup of coffee at home and no single method can be considered "the best."  We like the Clever Coffee Brewer and Aeropress as simple methods with great results, suited to home or travel. Other methods involve more focus, some level of user technique to control the rate of pouring, and/or more delicate equipment. Pour-over brewers require a special kettle and the drip rate can be fickle if your grind is not just right, but they can brew a great cup. Vacuum-brewing is both beautiful as a presentation and in the cup.

All brewing has some prerequisites: Fresh-roasted coffee of high quality, an appropriate grind (ideally done right before brewing), and good-tasting pure water heated to around 205°F. You can find general brewing tips on the Brewing Fundamentals page and brewer-specific tip sheets and articles in the Library.

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  1. Bonavita Electric Coffeemaker Bonavita Electric Coffeemaker

    Bonavita Electric Coffeemaker

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