Brazil Tres Vizinhos Peaberry

Balanced Brazil cup flavors of dark sugar and bittersweet cocoa. Roasted nut and lightly-fruited notes come into play as the cup cools. Tres Vecinos has big body, and with richness of dark cacao makes a great espresso option too. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.
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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Farm Gate No
Region South America
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Machine Dried
Arrival date Aug 25 2015
Lot size 75bags/boxes
Bag size 59.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Cultivar Detail Acaia, Catuai, Mundo Novo
Grade PB
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15 PB screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
"Tres Vecinos" is a peaberry blend made up of coffee from three different family-estates spread across the Cerrado region, as well as the state of Bahia. They themselves aren't neighbors ("vecinos"), but rather located in the neighboring states of Bahia, Goias, and Minas Gerais. Peaberry beans occur when one of the two flat beans fails to develop, and the other takes on the rounded shape of two flats (though a bit smaller). They tend to have denser cell structure, so roast a bit differently, and they are thought to potentially be sweeter than flats because they are sole recipients of nutrition where there was one two beans. I don't think the last part is always the case, but this selection definitely shows a high-level of sweetness and balance for a Brazilian coffee, a lot we couldn't pass after tasting. Oh, and this is a fully-washed coffee, a rarity in Brazil, a coffee-producing country dominated by dry-process and pulp-natural processing methods. The confluence of moderate altitudes, poor shade, and disease-resistant strains aren't always the best recipe for washing coffees, meaning, leaving some fruit on can actually be what makes a Brazilian coffee more interesting and palate-able. But not the case here, where the washed result makes for a relatively "clean" cup profile, and even showing moderate (very moderate) acidity.
The dry grounds smell very "Brazil-like" when grinding. A familiar culmination of roasted nut and brown sugar, with a faint spice hint in the lighter roasts. The sweet aspects are elevated in the wet aromatics, more dark, raw sugar tones, and a touch of red raisin. The cup is balanced, and with a nice ratio of sugar-to-bittersweet flavors. Roasted nut is especially present in the lightest roasts, but at City+ to FC sits well in the profile. Slight fruited notes pop out as the cup cools, and the finish is highlighted by a fading bittersweet chocolate flavor. We found that FC roasts build quite a bit of bittering cacao-nib and cocoa flavors, and along with thick body, will make for a really nice shot of espresso.