Brazil FTO Dry-Process Poco Fundo

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region South America
Grade Non-traditional
Appearance 3 d/300gr, 16-18 screen
Roast Recommendations Full City is ideal, lighter for a nuttier roast taste, or FC+ for more chocolate roast taste. Expect some unevenness in roast color, and lots of chaff.
Weight 1 LB
Poco Fundo a cooperative, the "The Associacao dos Pequenos Produtores de Poco Fundo, " located in the south of the state of Minas Gerais and boasts 76 members. Annual production is relatively small; six containers of their best quality, the rest being sold off in the internal market of Brasil. The growing region, Sul de Minas, can be a challenging one to produce traditional dry-processed coffees; the main issues can be rain arriving while the coffee is on the patio to dry, or other weather shifts that prevent uneven drying. Add to that the problems of growing organic coffee in Brasil, dealing with pests and tree nutrients on a soil that needs amendment, and it's a miracle you can get good cup quality at all! But Poco Fundo has the potential to be a great, rustic, wild cup. At it's best it is like a dry-processed Ethiopian coffee, deeply fruited (plum and raisin) with great body, and roast taste ranging from almond to milk chocolate. But Poco Fundo is a shifty coffee, and some lots can be really defective too. That's why we offer it sometimes, but not that often. When the cup is good I grab as much of it as I can get! This lot of Poco Fundo has a clean cup, nutty (dry-roast peanut) in the lighter roast, turning to milk chocolate in FC+ roast levels. There is a clean fruitiness to the cup, something I love about natural dry-process Brasilian coffees, but something a cupper needs to be concerned about. Winey fruited notes can verge on ferment, and ferment in coffee will mean a month or two down the line the cup quality will tank! But this lot of Poco Fundo has a solid, clean berry-like fruit in it, and paired with the nut, chocolate roast tastes and creamy body, makes this one of the nicest natural Brasils as a straight roast drip coffees. You will pick up some tobacco notes and earthiness as the cup cools, in the aftertaste ... it is a rustic, natural coffee after all. This might be the only Poco Fundo lot we have all year; last year we had one great lot and the rest had off flavors, musty cups and such.