Bolivia Cup of Excellence - San Ignacio (Juana Mamani Huanca)

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region South America
Grade SHG
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations Full City to City+ for the most complex cup flavors - do not overroast this coffee! It's not for darker roast afficionados
Weight 1 LB
Juana Mamami Huanca from the San Ignacio cooperative received the highest price in the auction from us and our bidding partner, Stumptown Coffee. (It's a very small and expensive lot: You can get this coffee in roasted form from Stumptown, or green from Sweet Maria's). It's not just the two of us that were impressed. Every cupper I spoke with found this lot simply outstanding. And to ensure it's safe arrival from Bolivia, we paid a premium to have it vacuum packaged at source. The results are great: the dry fragrance in unassuming enough, with a fruited sweetness, buttery sweetness, soft berry hints. The wet aroma has hints of the dazzling,elegant fruited flavors to come, with strong maple sweetness syrup, and (again) buttery smells. The cup has bright, candy-like fruit notes; cherry, apricot, peach. The body is fairly light, but pairs well with a honey-like sweetness in the cup. This honey-syrupy quality lingers through into the aftertaste, with rising jam and marmalade character. Overall, the cup needs a roast not too heavy, that does not eclipse these bright, sweet flavors. I went no further than City+ on my test roasts, and at this stage the bean still has a slightly wrinkley surface appearance and rough texture. s the cup cools the coffee only gets better ... I hate using these terms "refined" and "elegant" but it truly is. Such an articulate cup, approachable, not overpowering, a real joy to taste. Juana Mamami Huanca from the San Ignacio cooperative is a first generation coffee producer. She began producing coffee on her farm at the age of 16 and now at only 23 years of age she has earned second place in the Cup of Excellence in Bolivia. Juana participated in the 2005 competition but did not manage to take home a Cup of Excellence award. For the past two years she has worked to improve quality always with eye towards competing again. Her farm covers six hectares of lush hillsides in the Carrasco La Reserva region of the Caranavi province at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters above sea-level. _‹ÐI always planned to participate [in the competition]_‹ she said, _‹Ðand now I plan to increase my production and my quality of life._‹ She is now working to establish an additional one half hectare of coffee.