Bolivia Cup of Excellence "Cafe de Montana"

A delicately balanced cup, refined floral and fruited aspects, apple, allspice, caramel, wildflowers, light body. A light City+ roast is highly recommended.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region South America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHG
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+, seriously _‹_ the bright notes are buried at FC+
Weight 1 LB
The stories behind the small-holder farmers in the Bolivia Cup of Excellence are really poignant. It's clear that winning a spot in the international auction is going to have a direct, positive effect in the lives of rural Bolivia coffee farmers. This lot is the the result of the hard work of Manuel Mamani Uluri, on a 4 hectare farm at 1542 meters in the Caranavi area, and the cooperative he belongs to: Carrasco La Reserva. From his CoE bio, "Manuel is the proud grandfather of ten grandchildren. Nevertheless, his age and the weariness of work in the fields are no impediment to him. At 63 years old, he continues producing on his land, with the help of his wife, Sabila, and his two youngest daughters Carmina and Cristina. His older daughters have left to form their own families, but they continue to work in coffee. "I arrived in the Yungas in 1977. Hunger drove me out of the altiplano. It_‹_s harder there. You can_‹_t take care of a family. I had two daughters already and wanted to give them a better life. Here, coffee is a sure sale, and my daughters have been able to get ahead." They_‹_ve got their own homes now. Manuel likes to plan ahead. He plans to invest in his future what he earns from the auction. "What I earn, will be for production, to make sure that my wife and my daughters are taken care of if something happens to me and to save some, because it_‹_s harder and harder for me to work, and life is more expensive every day." Yes, it is. Anyway, this was my absolute favorite lot in the entire auction, with a different flavor profile than the other very acidic, light-bodied coffees. The dry fragrance has hazelnut, sweet malty grain, apple and caramel. Wet aromatics are very floral (wildflowers), slightly herbal, with toasted bread. The cup has an apple-like brightness, and a spicy (allspice) accent, citrus brightness. The finish has an interesting balance between the tighter, bittering nut flavor and the sweetness of caramel. The body is fairly light, and suits the vivacious, dynamic, bright cup flavor quite well. It's an exceptionally clean, articulate cup overall, and the added information of 63 year old Manuel just makes it even more enjoyable for me...