Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glasses - 12oz - Set of 2

We like Bodum's double walled glasses and mugs for their form, function, durability and for how wonderfully they present coffee and tea. Like all double wall glass, you do have to be aware that the outside gives no clue as to the temperature of the contents, so if you do drink hot coffee or hot tea from the glass, be careful!
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We really like these glasses and think they do a great job insulating your beverage while looking very nice. This model's 12oz capacity is perfect for coffee, tea, beer, cocktails, you name it. The double walled borosilicate glass means maximum insulation for your beverage of choice and the sturdiest kind of glass on the market. These glasses are mouth-blown, never machine made, so some small degree of variation between sets will be present; but that's the quality mark of a handmade item!
Material Borosilicate glass