Bodum Bistro Glass Mug - Large 10 oz - Set of 2

The insulated properties of the Bistro's double walled, heat-tempered borosilicate glass will keep your coffee hot. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. The handle is nice and makes it feel like a real mug and not a tumbler or giant shot glass.
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This is Bodum's double-walled glass mug, similar to other Bodum models, but with a handle. It's a large 10 ounce size (Bodum calls it a Latte size, which I suppose is roughly accurate).

The insulated properties of this heat-tempered borosilicate glass keep your hand comfortable, and improves heat retention slightly. Really, it's about visual appeal, and in that regard, these are my favorite cups for brewed coffee. These mugs won the 2007 iF Product Design Awards. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Be careful with these. Although they are made of strong glass, they will crack if put under too much abuse. Bodum says: Don't add ice without liquid in the cup, avoid auto ice dispensers, avoid metal spoons, don't place them in crowded dishwashers and throw them out if they crack. Set of 2 cups.

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Capacity 10 oz
Material Glass