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Bialetti Musa Moka Pot

The Musa Stainless Steel Moka Pot is produced by Bialetti, an Italian company known for their award-winning designs and high quality polished stainless steel products. It is my favorite functional Moka Pot because of the thick metal gauge used in the sidewalls and the heat-diffusing base. This thing is solid.

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We have this model in 4 and 6 tasse capacities. The 6 tasse model makes about 13 oz. The 4 Tasse is a perfect "personal" or one-person maker and makes about 8oz.

It is my favorite functional Mokapot because of the thick gauge metal used in the sidewalls and the heat-diffusing base: this thing is solid. It is Inox 18/10 brushed stainless steel, with thermo-plastic black handles. Brushed stainless steel has a surface that looks like spun aluminum, not as reflective as polished stainless, and I think it looks a lot nicer. It has a large footprint, which improves heat transfer from the burner and makes this stovetop espresso unit very stable. 2 year warranty (contact Bialetti).

Every Moka Pot ships with a tip sheet. 

Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty from Bialetti
Cons Can easily over extract
Pros Inexpensive way to make an espresso-like coffee concentrate