Behmor Connected Brewer


Customizable, temperature control coffee maker with phone app for easy, remote operation; world’s first Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified smart brewer. Amazon Alexa compatible.

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The Behmor Connected brewer looks and feels somewhat futuristic. The controls for this brewer live within the phone app you'll need to download (for free). You can power the brewer with its single button, but if you want any sort of manual control, you'll need to use the app. One of the nicest features of this brewer, in our opinion, is the delay brew function. What this does is bring your water up to your ideal brewing temp (which you can program in), then hold it there for up to 30 minutes until you're ready to start, making the actual brewing process very fast.

The app is simple and easy to use, and there are three modes: Brew, Craft, and Buzz. The first will help you brew your coffee by asking some questions about what you're brewing. The second mode allows you full manual control of the brew, and the last mode, Buzz, taps into saved profiles of other users, and "Joe's Brews", named after Behmor owner and product inventor Joe Behm.

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Cons Expensive
Pros Adjustable brewing temperature, Attractive design., Boils water quickly, Clean, minimal design, Customizable brew profile