SwissMar Alpenrost Roaster Tip Sheet from Sweet Maria's!

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Read your owners manual for the Alpenrost before using. This is a “tip sheet” ...not instructions. The Alpenrost is a for the roasting hobbiest. Because you can't visually observe the roast during the cycle, it takes more dedication and experimentation to acquaint yourself with it. I think the air roasters with glass chambers (Hearthware and FreshRoast) are better for the new roaster

SwissMar provides an excellent 1 Year warranty -on the roaster and they handle all repairs and replacements directly. -send in the registration card right away! Call them directly 800-387-5707 if you ever have a mechanical problem with the roaster. And READ their instruction book!!! They have expert technical advice available to them, and can recommend troubleshooting procedures for any problems with the unit.

In a nutshell, here is the roasting process you will be observing: